Frequently Asked Questions

Is there another cemetery in Hope?   

Yes. The Pioneers' Cemetery (formerly known as the Old Hope Cemetery and/or the Chinese Cemetery) is located  off of Highland Avenue. (Lat: 48°15'12"N, Lon: 116°18'54"W    T57N R1E Sec 34.)  You can read more about it at:                                                                                                                    and at                 

There is also a video on YouTube:

There are no available burial plots in the Pioneers' Cemetery. 

What can you tell me about the black and white photograph on the homepage?

Knowing Ross Hall and his son Dann’s love of Hope, the Friends of Hope Cemetery asked Dann if he had an idea for a signature photo of his dad’s that the Friends might use.  He indicated that he would look through the hundreds of negatives on file and get back to us. The photo he offered had never been utilized and he wondered if it might meet our needs.  Absolutely!

Friends of Hope Cemetery heartily thank Dann and the Hallan’s Gallery for their generosity.  

To experience a photographic history of north Idaho named by Eastman Kodak as one of the top ten scenic photographers in the county; visit:

What is a "columbarium"? 

Some years ago, Fran Schuck suggested that the Hope Cemetery would soon need columbaria - structures housing cremated remains in small niches - to ensure coming generations have a beautiful and tasteful place for departed loved ones. Our first columbarium (the Columbaria Park will eventually hold a number of columbaria) contains forty-eight niches.

Why is "columbarium" sometimes spelled  "columbarium" and other times  "columbaria"?

"Columbarium" is a Latin-root word; it's core root is "columba" which means "dove," and "columbarium" means "dove-cote" or "dove house." Probably because doves tend to be ash-colored, and because ancient Roman sepulchers (burial caves) had small niches and resembled dove-cotes, the word came to be used for urn-burial structures.  Anyway, Latin words ending in "-um" are singular (one columbarium) and the plural form of -um words is "-a" (a number of columbaria).  Therefore, the phrase "Columbaria Park" means "a park containing a columbarium every few yards."

Our famiy owns a burial plot. Can we place cremation urns in that plot?

For each burial plot, the Hope Cemetery Ordinance allows (a) one casket; (b) one casket and one urn; or (c) two urns.

What are the Memorial Walls?

On the east and west sides of the columbarium, two walls are attached. Families wishing to memorialize loved ones who are not buried or inurned in the cemetery may purchase a one-foot-by-one-foot Memorial Plaque (see the "Available Plots and Niches" page for purchasing information). These beautiful plaques are finished granite just like the niche facings. There is also a freestanding 24 x 4-foot Memorial wall  just east of the Columbarium unit, and plaques can be placed there as well (and may be creatively varied from the standard engraving on the columbarium memorial walls).

What can be engraved on Memorial Wall plaques?

The City of Hope sets standards (available on request) for what may be engraved on Memorial plaques. On the columbarium niche facings and Memorial Walls attached to the columbarium, names and dates of birth and death are allowed. A brief inspirational line may be added, with the permission of the City. On free-standing Memorial Walls, more creative engraving is allowed, with the permission of the City.

I have heard that the city envisions gatherings to share cultural and artistic events in the Cemetery. Tell me more about this.

Across the country, communities are discovering that cemeteries offer space for cultural and artistic events that inspire the community and introduce residents and guests to the beauty and serenity that cemeteries typically exhibit. You can see a wonderful example of this by clicking here.

How can my family contribute to the Hope Cemetery? 

Contributions of either time or money (or both) are always welcome! Opportunities for participation and contribution include the spring and fall cleanups, meetings of the Friends of Hope Cemetery (informal "drop-in" meetings, with no need to be a member of the Friends of Hope Cemetery) are held on the third Saturday of every odd-numbered month. Formal meetings of the Friends happen regularly, but not on a formal schedule. For information, contact Brent Lockwood (, 208-290-6892), Chair of the Friends of Hope Cemetery, or Bill Percy ( or 208-264-1116), Hope City Council liaison to the Friends.

Donations are always welcome, and provide the income the Friends of Hope Cemetery depend on for their activities and cemetery improvements. Donations can be sent to Friends of Hope Cemetery, c/o Susan Howard, 125 Main Street, Hope, ID 83836. 

How can I purchase a burial plot or a columbarium niche?

Please email to request order forms or click "Order Form"  to download or print an  order form. A full description and price list can be found on the "Available Cemetery Plots" page.